Natural Skin Rejuvenation

Minoo's Aesthetic

"As I age, I learn to come to peace with the realization that I have hit my 50s. I have just now learned to 'let it be' - to relax and let go of any worries. Today, I focus my thoughts on the health of my body, mind, skin, hair, and well-being. I am more realistic about my expectations, both with myself and other people. I care for the beauty I have at the present, without worrying about fitting into a certain mold of what I should look like. My goal is to be a role model for my clients and women who are traveling through my same journey. I carry my philosophy into my services and say with intent to my clients, that no matter what your age, it is never to late to start your commitment to yourself. Out of love and care for yourself. See yourself as the 5 yr old self within and treat yourself with every good around you. Vow to spend time with nature and surroundings that exude life."

          -Minoo, Owner, L.E.

Minoo believes in a natural approach to skincare, as her treatments reflect. Using plant and fruit extracts combined with gentle, non-chemical and non-abrasive treatments to rejuvenate her clients' skin. Minoo also advises here clients on healthy living, breathing and relaxation techniques, and proper nutrition as all part of achieving beautiful skin.