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"I just wanted to write to you [Minoo] and your future clients to let hem
���know how excited I am about the results and the great condition my skin is in since I have been coming to you for regular treatments. I will be 60 years old in a month, and I felt that my eyes look tired and my skin was dry. I felt that I was showing my age, I discovered Minoo's when I was walking by her business and signed up for a consultation and a package of six treatments. I am on my third treatment and I already see an amazing difference. The best part was when my husband said last weekend, "You look different, more relaxed and younger." He did not know I was getting the facials. He said "You sure do not look your age, your skin looks so soft." I am glad I made the investment in myself. Minoo not only takes care of the outer layer, she also provides nurturing experience. She gives you good information to start on the inside and take care of your health, and it will show on the outside. She has created a wonderful customized line of products as well. I am a very happy customer. Thank you."
-Barbara Marall 

Minoo's Aesthetic

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