Benefits of Pumpkin For Your Skin

With the constant change of warm and cold weather, Autumn can be tough on your skin. Use this time to your advantage by taking ingredients from the seasons best gifts, like pumpkin, to reveal the glow from your skin underneath. Pumpkin offers amazing benefits to skin in so many different ways. To start, pumpkin is packed with fruit enzymes and antioxidants like Vitamin A and Vitamin C to soften and soothe the skin. Pumpkin also contains natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) that help to increase skin cell turnover that leaves the skin brighter and smoother. Zinc is a key factor as well, which can be used to help control hormone levels and oil production that assists in healing the skin and treating acne. In addition, snacking on pumpkin seeds is a great source for fatty acids and Vitamin E, which are essential to maintain beautiful, glowing skin. They also regulate skins over production of  oil in sebaceous glands, which make them ideal to treat oily skin (through consumption) and topically with pumpkin enzyme peels. Minoo's Aesthetic Pumpkin peel is a natural, highly enzyme infused facial that will treat a dull complexion, aging skin, acne, and pigmentation. Take advantage of our current Living Social deal and schedule your appointment today. Believe in better skin, and see the results for yourself.

Essential Nutrients For Your Skin

What you eat, greatly effects the look and feel of your skin. Eating antioxidant rich foods are not only good for your health overall, but they can make a huge improvement on your skin. Vitamin and nutrient rich fruits and veggies contain the beta-carotene and vitamins like C, E, and A that can aid to heal damaged skin cells caused by free radicals. Free radicals are caused by a variety of external factors like pollution, smoking, alcohol, and unhealthy eating, all of which can harm skin cells causing premature aging. A quick tip - eat colorful foods! Blueberries, strawberries, kale, bell peppers; there's so many options for eating healthy that can add to the glow of your skin. Also, stock up on foods high in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and walnuts. One of the major factors that helped my daughter heal her acne was her increased intake of omega-3's and if she didn't have the chance to eat salmon, she took supplements. Plus, omega-3 fatty acids shield your skin from eternal pollutants because they keep the outer layer of the skin strong. Eating health shows in not just your skin, but your attitude. I promise you that once you change your diet, you will look and feel amazing. Don't forget about snack time! Ditch the chips and sweets. If you are craving sweets, go for dates or dried apples. If you are craving salty, go for salted almonds. I often remind my clients, no matter what you eat, make sure you are using sunblock SPF 30 consistently and be patient. I recently added nutrient rich ingredients to my facial services list, like my Pumpkin & Orange facial, rich in Vitamins A, C, and E. As a client, you will also be exposed to nutrient rich ingredients in the products I use, which have been formulated after years and years of researching the best nutrient rich foods and herbs that your skin can absorb. I encourage you to take the right steps to increasing your antioxidant food intake daily, and you will see the difference in your skin.

Natural Skin Rejuvenation

Minoo's Aesthetic

Spring Is Here

Spring is finally here! Minoo believes in a natural approach to skin care, as her treatments and products reflect. Ingredients like plant and fruit extracts combined with gentle, non-chemical, and non-abrasive treatments rejuvenate her clients’ skin without the drying and peeling that is often caused by harsher procedures. Minoo’s love for (flora/all things green) grew from a childhood of collecting and drying flowers and herbs with her mother and grandmother to use as natural remedies.  This care and respect for natural life aided in her decision to introduce her own natural skin care line designed specifically for each individual skin type. 

This spring, take a moment to enjoy your surrounding. The hills are green, the air is fresh, and now its time to rejuvenate our dry winter skin and bring it back to its lovely and radiant self. Come to Minoo’s Aesthetic this spring and liven up your skin with the Pumpkin-Orange Facial. This facial is rich in Vitamin A to smooth and soften skin, Vitamin C antioxidants to aid in the healing of damaged skin from free radicals, and acne-fighting Vitamin E. The Pumpkin-Orange Facial will remove dry, dead skin cells, fade away hyperpigmentation, and increase the production of collagen. This restoring facial is just what your skin has been craving. 

by Zoe Holmes