"I have been getting facials from Minoo for over two years and I can sincerely say I have enjoyed every single one.  Minoo has a gift for making her clients skin look fabulous and soothing their spirits at the same time.  Minoo's facials combine her expertise with skin care with her positive suggestions for living a healthy, happy life.  I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated when I look in the mirror at my glowing skin at the end of our session."    - Vicki 

"I have been seeing Minoo regularly for years. She has become an essential part of my healthy life. When I enter her office, my psyche automatically relaxes in anticipation. Everything is peaceful and calm. The time I spend with Minoo flies by - an hour or two can seem like minutes. Minoo is good for my whole being but I get a lot of compliments on the appearance of my skin as well. I am often told I look younger than I really am, and I feel so much younger too. With her kind, gentle, and educated ministrations, Minoo is a blessing. I highly recommend her regular attention."    - Thelma

Our Clinic

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Finally, we customize your at-home product regimen as a compliment to your in-clinic treatment plan. Minoo's products will help you maintain the results of your treatments.

About Minoo

Celebrating over 22 years of experience, Minoo's enthusiasm for skincare inspires her clients who consistently visit her clinic on a monthly basis. Known for her holistic & nurturing approach to achieving and maintaining beautiful skin, Minoo combines the latest technologies with natural skin care ingredients that produce results in after one visit leading you to finally believe in better skin. 

Step 2: In-Clinic Treatmnts

Your Skincare Plan

Client Testimonials

Step 3: At-Home Care

We believe that the treatments you receive should be delivered at the highest level of skill using the best techniques and products. 

Minoo is dedicated to creating an extraordinary experience for you; one that delivers personal service with skincare treatments and products that produce results. 

"Minoo is the BEST! Her facials are both therapeutic & relaxing. Don't hesitate to set up an appointment."


Step 1: Complexion Analysis

Minoo's Aesthetic

Minoo's interest in skincare grew from her own struggle with acne as a teenager. Her dedication is driven by her passion for helping those who suffer from the physical and psychological effects of skin damage and aging skin. Minoo is among the most knowledgeable and credible aestheticians in the East Bay Area who is constantly testing new skin technologies and adding treatments to her clinic in order to service her clients. Minoo's products are the most compatible with her services and most beneficial in revealing healthy skin.

Together, we measure several key factors of your skin: pigmentation, pore size, skin tone, moisture, oil, pH levels, and UV damage. A customized, easy to understand report is then prepared containing recommendations for both in-clinic and at-home skincare rejuvenation. 

Natural Skin Rejuvenation

"I appreciate that Minoo takes a whole body approach to facials. Through the use of breathing, and focusing on being present, she helps you to relax while she expertly tailors her treatment."    - Tami

Next, we develop a personal in-clinic skincare plan that outlines a program of advanced and natural rejuvenation treatments designed to achieve results for you.  

"I have always had very sensitive reddened skin and whenever I'd have a facial in the past, I'd walk out with very irritated blotchy skin until I started going to Minoo.  She is the only one who's understood just how super sensitive my skin is and knows just what treatment it needs.  My skin feels soft again and the redness has dramatically improved.  Her gentle spiritual approach makes me feel very pampered and taken care of during a treatment.  I love her products too, after trying practically everything out there.  It feels like they were made just for me.  Thank you, Minoo."   - Barbara